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Adult Pull Up Pants Nursing Tips
- 2023-09-14 11:13:20-

Applicable audience editing and broadcasting
The elderly are bedridden for a long time, making it inconvenient to urinate and cannot use the restroom for a long time. The postpartum woman has just given birth, and has a lot of blood and water. Women with menstrual bleeding may need to be bedridden or have difficulty moving due to the need for surgery due to metrorrhagia or leakage. People with urinary and bowel incontinence or paralysis
And semi paralyzed/immobile patients
How to edit a broadcast
1. Let the patient lie on their side and spread out their diapers, with the back of the film facing up and opening the left or right half that is farther away from the patient.
2. Have the patient turn and lie on their side, then open the other side.
3. After the patient lies on their back, pull the front panel to their abdomen, attach the tape to the alignment line, align the left and right sides, and then pull the elastic pleats outward.
Nursing Reminder Editing Broadcast
1. Before changing diapers, wash hands with water and soap to avoid bacterial contamination of the diapers. Before changing diapers or after defecation, please clean your buttocks with neutral soap and warm water and wipe dry. 3. Please replace it clean in a timely manner
Urinary pants to keep skin dry and clean. 4. Regularly roll over the patient and perform full body massage to avoid the occurrence of bedsores.
Nursing Tips Editing Broadcast
Severe patients: diapers, multifunctional U-shaped pads, and multifunctional care pads. When the urine volume is not high, the innermost multifunctional U-shaped pad can be replaced.
Mild patient: During the day: paper diapers or multifunctional U-shaped tablets+multifunctional care pads.
Evening: diapers+multifunctional U-shaped sheets+multifunctional care