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Usage Of Dog Urine Pads
- 2023-09-14 11:09:05-

Usage diagram of dog urine pads
1. How to use a dog's urine pad? You're just using it for the dog. When he was just born, he laid it down and defecated on it. It's more convenient to change it frequently.
Usage of Dog Urine Mats (Figure of Usage of Dog Urine Mats)
2. The method is to familiarize your dog with the restroom and determine a good location. Do not move the restroom randomly, and make sure your dog is familiar with the restroom. Do not force your timid dog to do so. Please give it a few days. It is recommended to let the restroom smell of feces stick to it. It is recommended that you stick your urine pad with your dog's urine, spray an inducer, and then apply this to it.
3. When carrying a dog out and sitting in the car, a urine pad comes in handy. At the same time, a urine pad can also be used for pet crates. Put the dog in the crate and place a urine pad for easy replacement. For some puppies, the effect of a urine pad is also more significant because the dog's taste is very sensitive, and the urine pad absorbs feces, which can be tempting.
4. The owner should first buy a suitable pair of physiological pants for their dog. For male dogs, the human sanitary napkin should be glued onto the Victory Belt, and then wrapped around the bottom of the dog. For female dogs, the human sanitary napkin should also be used, and then glued onto the physiological pants to make the dog feel like a human diaper.