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The Difference Between Diapers And Pull-up Pants
- 2023-09-14 11:11:14-

Diapers and pull-up pants both have the function of preventing children from getting dirty with their clothes and pants during urination, and the difference between the two is commonly seen in different difficulty levels, age suitability, and appearance.

1. The difficulty of putting on and taking off is different: For example, diapers are more troublesome than Bilara pants in putting on and taking off. First, separate the waist stickers on both sides, and then put on and take off. For children who do not match well, it is more troublesome to put on and take off. Pulling pants are relatively simple, as they do not have a waist patch and can be worn and taken off directly;
2. Suitable for different ages: Diapers are generally suitable for young children who cannot walk and urinate frequently, which can effectively prevent side leakage and prevent interference in their activities. Pulling pants are more suitable for children who can walk and have strong mobility. They are more convenient to wear and take off, and also facilitate children's activities;
3. Different appearance: The diapers have a waist patch for wearing and taking off, and the fit can be adjusted according to the needs of the child. Pulling pants do not have a waist patch, so they can be worn directly like small underwear for children, saving a lot of steps.