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The Size About Adult Diapers
- 2023-09-14 11:10:50-

Adult diapers are classified into large, medium, and small sizes according to different sizes. The range of waist or hip circumference suitable for each specification is indicated on the product, and users can choose according to their body shape. Adult diaper models are suitable for hip circumference (feet), suitable for hip circumference (centimeters), small size S 34 in -46 in 84 cm -116 cm, medium size L 44 in -54 in 112 cm -137 cm, large size XL 55 in and above 140 cm. There are two main categories: lap up and pull-up pants.
Pulling pants are suitable for patients who can walk on the ground, and the size should be purchased appropriately. If it is too small, it will leak out on the side and cause discomfort.