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Classification Of Nursing Pads
- 2023-09-14 11:11:39-

According to different user groups, nursing pads can be divided into infant care pads, maternal care pads, and adult care pads.
Baby care pads are mainly used for newborns to isolate urine, ensuring that the underlying mattress or mattress is not soaked in urine. Therefore, baby care pads are also known as urinary pads. It is best to replace the baby care pad immediately when it becomes wet to ensure that the baby's buttocks are dry and dry.
Maternal care pads are mainly essential items for women after childbirth, also known as birth pads. Just after giving birth, there will be a large amount of lochia every day in the first half of the month, which cannot be satisfied with ordinary sanitary napkins. At this time, specialized maternity care pads are needed. The usage time of maternity care pads is generally from the first postpartum period to the entire postpartum period when bleeding and lochia are discharged. [1]
Adult care pads are mainly used for postoperative and paralyzed individuals, as well as those who cannot take care of themselves. The adult care mat is easy to replace and can ensure that it does not stain the bedding underneath the building.