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What Is The Leak Proof Side Of Diapers?
- 2023-09-14 11:08:10-

The anti leakage side, also known as the anti leakage collar, is a pleated edge that stands on the inner thigh, effectively preventing feces from leaking out through the gap between the thighs and diapers.
1. Before putting on diapers for babies, mothers also need to use their fingers to support the leak proof side of the folded part of the diapers, so that the leak proof side is upright, in order to effectively prevent side leakage.
2. In addition, after putting on diapers, it is best for mothers to run their hands around the base of their baby's thighs to ensure that the pleats do not fold inward and are attached to the baby's legs to avoid affecting the leak prevention effect.
Extended Information:
When choosing diapers for babies with larger or smaller sizes, the protective rubber bands may not be stretched or stretched too much, resulting in the leakage protection not being able to cover the baby's buttocks closely, which can easily lead to side leakage of urine.
No matter what brand or material of diapers, there is always a maximum capacity. Sometimes it's not that the performance of diapers is poor, but rather that the baby's urine frequency is too high or the urine volume is relatively large, and they have already fed the water absorbing beads in the diapers.
When the capacity of diapers reaches its limit, there is no leakage prevention effect, so it is also important to learn to replace diapers in a timely manner. Suggestion: Many diapers now come with a urine wet indicator. The urine wet indicator is usually the two yellow lines in the middle of the diaper, which gradually turn green as the urine volume increases. When the entire line turns green, the mother needs to change the baby's diaper.