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How Do I Use The Urinal Pad
- 2023-09-14 11:07:01-

Tools/raw materials

Disposable urine isolating pad

Recyclable urinal pads


Disposable Urine Isolator:

1. When there is no baba: when changing the diaper for the baby, pad it under the small fart to prevent the baby from urinating suddenly;

2. When there is Baba: when it is necessary to change the diaper, it should be placed under the fart to prevent Baba from touching the sheets;

3. When you go out, you need to change your baby's diaper and put it under the fart.

Recyclable urination pad: place the urination pad under the baby's fart where the baby sleeps to prevent the baby's urine from leaking out of the diaper.

Matters needing attention

When the weather is hot, don't put a diaper pad on your baby for a long time to prevent heat rash.

The disposable urination pad can be replaced if it is stained with urine or baba.

Reusable urinal pads also need to be washed frequently.