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5 Layers Absorbent Structure Disposable Baby Underpads With Tapes

Good cotton helps to sleep well. Our underpad uses soft skin friendly cotton to reduce skin friction and take care of skin health. Diamond embossing design, rapid diversion, rapid absorption of liquid and keeping skin dry.Sumitomo polymer in Japan absorbs quickly to keep you dry all day.

Product Details

Introducing the 5 Layers Absorbent Structure Disposable Baby Underpads With Tapes – the ultimate solution for busy parents who want to keep their little ones dry, comfortable and happy all day and night.


Our product is designed with a unique five-layer absorbent structure, which ensures that each pad is able to soak up the maximum amount of liquid and lock it away to prevent any leaks or spills. This means that our underpads are perfect for a variety of different situations – whether you’re changing your baby’s diaper, potty training, or just need a quick, easy and hassle-free solution to keep your baby dry and comfortable.


One of the standout features of our disposable baby underpads with tapes is the secure adhesive tapes that keep the pad in place, preventing it from shifting or moving around during use. This ensures that your baby stays comfortable and happy, without any discomfort or irritation caused by an ill-fitting pad.


Our product is made from high-quality and safe materials, ensuring that it is gentle on your baby’s delicate skin. It is free from harmful chemicals and irritants, making it a safe and worry-free choice for any parent.


Another key benefit of our disposable baby underpads is the convenience it offers. Because it is a disposable product, you can simply use it and throw it away, eliminating the need for washing or cleaning up messy and time-consuming leaks and spills.


Our underpads are also available at an affordable price point, making it an accessible solution for parents who are looking for a cost-effective way to keep their little ones dry and comfortable.


In addition to its core benefits, our 5 Layers Absorbent Structure Disposable Baby Underpads With Tapes also comes in a range of different sizes, from smaller pads for newborns to larger pads for bigger babies, ensuring that you can find the perfect size to suit your needs.


Overall, our disposable baby underpads are the ideal solution for parents who want a convenient, safe and cost-effective way to keep their babies clean and comfortable all day and night. With its innovative five-layer absorbent structure, secure adhesive tapes and high-quality materials, our product is a standout choice that is sure to win over any merchant.


Baby Underpad



Product Details

(1)Skin friendly surface to protect baby's delicate skin.


(2)Clean and sanitary imported fluff pulp can not afford lump.


(3)Water absorbing polymer, effectively locking moisture.


(4)Breathable bottom film, breathable up and down, no prickle.



product name
baby underpad
Nonwoven fabric+tissue paper+sap+fluff pulp+tissue paper+pe film
urine absorb, adult incontinence pad
PE bag

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