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Quick Drying Baby Nursing Pad

Using high quality material, baby underpad is soft and comfortable for baby. Baby underpad can absorb liquid fast and effectively to offer baby comfortable feeling.

Product Details

Quick Drying Baby Nursing Pad – A Revolutionized Way to Keep Your Baby Dry and Comfortable


As parents, we all want our babies to be healthy, happy, and comfortable. One of the most critical components of ensuring our baby's comfort is keeping them dry. However, with the constant need for nursing, breastfeeding and changing of diapers, it can be challenging to keep our little ones dry at all times. This is where a good nursing pad comes in. A nursing pad is an essential item for new parents to have on hand, as it helps prevent leaks and discomfort when breastfeeding, pumping or even sleeping.


Introducing our Quick Drying Baby Nursing Pad - a revolutionary product that will change the way you think about nursing pads forever. Our nursing pads are designed with a unique blend of materials that provide exceptional absorbency and rapid drying, making them the perfect solution for keeping your baby dry and comfortable all day and night.


Features and Benefits of Quick Drying Baby Nursing Pad


1. Superior Absorbency: The Quick Drying Baby Nursing Pad comes with a highly absorbent core that locks in moisture, leaving your breast or your baby's diaper area dry and comfortable, preventing rashes or discomfort.


2. Quick Drying: Our nursing pads are made with a unique blend of materials that promote rapid drying. This ensures that the pads dry quickly after each use, which means you can reuse them faster and have less laundry to do.


3. Soft and Comfortable: Our Quick Drying Baby Nursing Pad is made with a soft and breathable material, making them comfortable to wear for nursing mothers and babies. It has a gentle and non-irritating texture against the skin, preventing any allergic reactions or discomfort.


4. Leak-Proof Design: The nursing pads are designed with a leak-proof backing that ensures there are no embarrassing leaks while nursing or pumping.


5. Eco-Friendly: Our Quick Drying Baby Nursing Pads are designed to be washable and reusable. Unlike disposable nursing pads, which end up in landfills and cause harm to the environment, our pads can be reused, helping to reduce waste and save resources.


6. Economical: By investing in our Quick Drying Baby Nursing Pads, you are saving money, as you do not have to buy disposable nursing pads constantly. Our pads are long-lasting and can be reused, making them a smart investment in the long run.


Why Choose Quick Drying Baby Nursing Pad?


1. High-Quality Product: Our nursing pads are made with the highest quality materials, ensuring that you get the best value for your money. Our product is affordably priced and does not compromise on quality.


2. Easy to Use: The Quick Drying Baby Nursing Pad is easy to use, wash and maintain. It can be washed by hand or with a washing machine and can be reused multiple times.


3. Suitable for All Nursing Mothers: Our nursing pads are suitable for nursing mothers of all sizes and can be used for breastfeeding, pumping, or sleeping. It is small and discreet and can easily fit in your nursing bra.


4. Reliable and Trustworthy: We are a reliable and trustworthy supplier of baby nursing products in China. We guarantee the quality of our products and are committed to providing excellent customer service.


In conclusion, the Quick Drying Baby Nursing Pad is an essential item for any new parent. It provides superior absorbency, quick-drying, and leak-proof design, making it the perfect solution for keeping your baby dry and comfortable. It is also eco-friendly, economical, and suitable for all nursing mothers. We invite you to try our Quick Drying Baby Nursing Pad and experience the difference for yourself.



1. Soft and breathable nonwoven surface, enables fluid to pass through quickly, keep surface dry and comfortable.

2. Absorbent core: imported pulp & SAP to absorb the fluid quickly and prevent leakage, keeping dry and fresh.

3. Material are non-woven fabrics, fluff pulp.SAP, PE film, paper. All material is medical grade.

4. Medical underpads , OEM and ODM are acceptable.

5. Different size and package can offer different demands.60*40cm. 60*60cm. 60*90cm ect. Color bags and vacuum compress package.

6. It is also suitable to our cute pet. Safety and Convenient.


Product Name

Quick drying baby nursing pad


*Soft Breathable Top

*Super Absorbent

*Waterproof Bottom


45*60/60*60/ 60*75/ 60*90/

80*60/ 80*90/ 80*120/ 80*150

Customized is available.

Top Sheet

Non Woven Fabric

Absorbent Core

Fluff plup/ SAP/ Tissue paper

Back Sheet

Leak proof PE Film


100000pcs/ 20GP


Incontinence Adults / Baby


LINYI ZHONGPING INC, a hygiene products supplier in China, has 10 years professional export experience of underpad, adult diaper, pet pad, sanitary pad with ISO, CE, FDA certificated. We have a complete system for production, sale, development, processing a superior lab, advanced production lines. Strictly control the quality of product according to the high quality standard.Supply much more stable quality and better comprehensive service.Keep going on the development of the new product to meet the demands of global guests and markets.


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