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Super Absorbent Postpartum Nursing Underpad

Postpartum underpad is mainly used for maternal postpartum care, the underpad is made up of the top skin-soft non-woven layer, the super absorbent core and the bottom layer, Top layer can make users feeling soft and comfortable, the absorbent core can absorb liquid fast and effectively, the bottom PE film can prevent leakage to keep the bed dry and clean.

Product Details

for my Super Absorbent Postpartum Nursing Underpad.




As a manufacturer based in China, we bring you the Super Absorbent Postpartum Nursing Underpad, a revolutionary product that provides the perfect solution for new mothers. This product is designed specifically for women who have just given birth, and are in need of high-quality postpartum care. Our product is designed to be extremely comfortable and reliable, providing a high level of protection and comfort during this critical time.


What is Super Absorbent Postpartum Nursing Underpad?


This product is a specially designed underpad that provides superior absorbency while also being extremely comfortable. It can be used for postpartum care, with a special design that helps to protect against leakage and other issues. The low-profile design and high-quality materials used in its construction make it the ideal product for new mothers.


Features of Super Absorbent Postpartum Nursing Underpad:


1. High-Quality Materials:


Our Super Absorbent Postpartum Nursing Underpad is made from high-quality materials, ensuring that it is comfortable and durable. The top layer is made of a soft and breathable material, which ensures that it does not irritate or harm the skin. The second layer is made of a superabsorbent material that quickly and efficiently absorbs any moisture.


2. Non-Slip Design:


The underpad has a special non-slip design, which ensures that it stays in place and does not move around, giving utmost protection to the mother. This feature is particularly important, especially during the night when the mother is sleeping and does not want to be disturbed frequently.


3. Extra Absorbency:


Our Super Absorbent Postpartum Nursing Underpad offers superior absorbency that ensures complete protection from leakage. The multiple layers used in its construction provide excellent absorption capacities, which ensure that it soaks up all moisture effectively.


4. Hygienic:


The Super Absorbent Postpartum Nursing Underpad has a hygienic design that ensures it is easy to dispose of. With our product, you will not worry about the disposal of soiled pads since you can easily remove and dispose of them.


5. Cost-Effective:


Compared to other postpartum pads in the market, our Super Absorbent Postpartum Nursing Underpad is relatively cost-effective while not compromising on its quality. It is an affordable solution for new mothers who are in need of a reliable and comfortable postpartum care product.


Benefits of Using Super Absorbent Postpartum Nursing Underpad:


1. Comfort:


As a new mother, comfort is paramount. Our Super Absorbent Postpartum Nursing Underpad provides the highest level of comfort for new mothers, thanks to its soft, breathable material. It is designed to fit nicely and not cause any discomfort while in use.


2. Protection:


Our product provides complete protection against leakage, which is especially important during the first few days after giving birth. With our Super Absorbent Postpartum Nursing Underpad, mothers can enjoy peace of mind and stay comfortable all day long.


3. Disposable:


Our product is disposable, hence hygienic, and allows for easy disposal of used pads. It eliminates the need to wash the pads, which is a tedious and time-consuming process, hence a perfect solution for busy new mothers who don't have the time for extra laundry.


4. High Absorbency:


Our product is designed to provide superior absorbency, ensuring that it soaks up any moisture during postpartum care. This ensures that mothers stay dry and comfortable throughout the day and night.




The Super Absorbent Postpartum Nursing Underpad is a revolutionary product that is designed for new mothers in need of reliable and comfortable postpartum care. It provides superior absorbency, ensuring complete protection against leakage, while also being comfortable and non-slip. The product is designed to be hygienic, disposable and cost-effective. It is a perfect solution for new mothers who need a dependable, comfortable, and effective postpartum care product. Order your Super Absorbent Postpartum Nursing Underpad today, and enjoy the ultimate solution for postpartum care.



Product Description:

1) Material of underpad:

1st layer: Soft non-woven fabric can offer users the comfortable condition.

2nd layer: Tissue paper can fix the absorbent core.

3rd layer: Fluff pulp and SAP form the absorbent core to absorb liquid.

4th layer: Tissue paper can fix the absorbent core.

5th layer: PE bottom film can prevent leakage effectively.

2) Embossing: Multi shape embossing can guide the flow quickly.

We have different kinds embossing such as diamond embossing, dot embossing, hexagon embossing.

3) Specification of underpad:






Loading Port

























We can offer you the customized specification according your requirement.

4) Color of underpadWe have blue, light blue, pink, green, white to meet your requirement.

5) Package: We can offer you transparent PP bag or color PP bag with the carton as your requirement.





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