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Hygienic Sanitary Underpad With PP Paste For Bed

Disposable underpads, with skin soft friendly cotton,quickly absorb water, keep dry and comfortable.

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As a leading manufacturer in China, we are proud to bring you our newest product – the Hygienic Sanitary Underpad with PP Paste for Bed. This innovative product is designed to provide superior comfort and absorbency while also keeping your bed clean and hygienic. Whether you are looking for a product to use at home, in a hospital, or in a care home, this underpad is the perfect solution.


Product Features:


1. Exceptional Absorbency:


Our underpad is made from superior-grade materials that provide exceptional absorbency. It is capable of absorbing up to 2000ml of liquid, making it ideal for situations where fluid leakage or incontinence is a concern.


2. Anti-Leakage Design:


With a unique anti-leakage design, our underpad is specially designed to prevent any liquid from seeping into your bed or mattress. This ensures that your bed stays dry and hygienic at all times.


3. Soft and Comfortable:


Our underpad is made from a soft and comfortable material that feels great against your skin. This makes it ideal for use by people of all ages, including the elderly, the sick, and the disabled.


4. Easy to Use:


Our underpad is incredibly easy to use. Simply place it on your bed or mattress, and you are good to go. It is also effortless to clean, making it the perfect solution for busy households, hospitals, and care homes.


5. Odor Control:


The underpad has a special odor control feature that neutralizes any unpleasant odors, making sure that your bed stays fresh and clean.


How to Use:


Using our underpad is very easy. Simply follow the steps below:


1. Ensure that your bed or mattress is dry and clean.


2. Place the underpad on the bed or mattress, with the plastic side facing down.


3. Secure the underpad firmly in place using the adhesive strips provided.


4. Once the underpad becomes soiled, remove it from the bed or mattress, dispose of it safely, and replace with a new underpad.


Target Customers:


Our Hygienic Sanitary Underpad with PP Paste for Bed is ideal for a variety of customers, including:


1. Hospitals and Clinics:


Our underpad is perfect for use in hospitals and clinics, where patients may be experiencing incontinence or have other health issues that require a hygienic and absorbent underpad.


2. Care Homes:


The underpad is also suitable for use in care homes, where elderly or disabled patients may require an absorbent and comfortable underpad to keep their beds clean and dry.


3. Homecare:


Our underpad is also an excellent choice for people who are looking for an affordable and easy-to-use underpad to keep their beds clean and hygienic. It is ideal for people who suffer from incontinence, bed-wetting, or other health issues that require a reliable and absorbent underpad.




In conclusion, our Hygienic Sanitary Underpad with PP Paste for Bed is an outstanding product that offers superior comfort and absorbency, making it ideal for use in hospitals, care homes, and households. Its unique features, including anti-leakage design, odor control, and ease of use, make it an incredibly useful product for anyone looking for a high-quality underpad that keeps their bed clean and hygienic. So why wait? Order your underpad now and start enjoying the benefits of a clean and comfortable bed today!


Disposable Underpad for Bed


Product Show:

(1)Soft and breathable.


(2)Skin friendly and comfortable instant dry.


(3)PE waterproof bottom film.


(4)Fine workmanship, hard manufacturing.



Products name
 Underpads Disposable
Non-woven fabric+Tissue+Fluff pulp (SAP)+Tissue paper +PE film
Pink, White, Blue, Green
33*45cm; 40*60cm; 60*60cm; 60*90cm or customized
Weight of SAP
1-4g or customized
Packing Type
Individual packing 
5,000pieces per size
Lead time
10-25 days after confirming all the details confirmed

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