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Soft Cotton Female Sanitary Nursing Pad

Sanitary pad is used for female menstruation caring. We used the soft material to meets female comfortable experience. And we can offer you different size as your request.

Product Details

Introducing Soft Cotton Female Sanitary Nursing Pad


Soft Cotton Female Sanitary Nursing Pad is a revolutionary product that aims to change the way women experience periods forever. This product does not just cater to women of all ages; it caters to their holistic needs during their menstruation cycles. From the type of fiber it is made of to its innovative design, we guarantee that our sanitary pad will provide the utmost comfort and hygiene for every woman who uses it. In this product introduction, we will be discussing the different aspects of our Soft Cotton Female Sanitary Nursing Pad and how it can help women have a better period experience.


1. Materials


One of the most important aspects that sets our sanitary pad apart from others in the market is its Soft Cotton material. Our Soft Cotton Female Sanitary Nursing Pad is made from 100% cotton fibers that are both gentle and non-irritating to the skin. The softness of the material translates to comfort for users while providing an optimal level of absorbency to keep them dry and fresh. The cotton fibers also facilitate better breathing, ensuring that the user's skin is well-ventilated and free from bacterial infections.


2. Design


The design of our sanitary pad is another significant aspect that makes it a must-have for women who value comfort and hygiene. Our sanitary pad has six layers of protection that work together to provide the best experience possible. The top layer, which comes into contact with the skin, is made of Soft Cotton to reduce any irritation or itching. The second layer is a super-soft airlaid that enables fluid to be absorbed quickly, keeping the surface dry. The third layer is a waterproof material that prevents any leakage, ensuring that you can confidently go out without any worries. The fourth layer is a breathable film that prevents humidity and bacterial growth. The fifth layer of the sanitary pad is made of high-quality absorbent paper that can take in a large volume of fluid. The sixth and final layer is an adhesive designed to ensure the pad does not slip or move.


3. Innovation


Our innovative design and material make our Soft Cotton Female Sanitary Nursing Pad unique in the market. Our sanitary pad is leak-proof, ensuring that women do not face any accidents during their menstrual cycle. The pad is also eco-friendly, which makes it an ideal choice for women who prefer sustainable products. Also, our sanitary pad is designed to be versatile, catering to women who may have different needs during their menstrual cycle. Whether you prefer to use a pad or a panty liner, our sanitary pad is adaptable to your preference.


4. Price and Packaging


We are proud to offer our Soft Cotton Female Sanitary Nursing Pad at an affordable price without compromising its quality. Our sanitary pad is packaged in a way that makes it easy to carry around and conveniently use on the go. Each package contains eight individual pads, making it possible for users to have an uninterrupted cycle. Additionally, our Soft Cotton Female Sanitary Nursing Pad continues to be a cost-effective solution as it can be washed, reused, and is therefore long-lasting.




Soft Cotton Female Sanitary Nursing Pad is more than just another addition to the market; it is a commitment, a commitment to providing women with an unprecedented quality of comfort during their periods. When it comes to sanitary pads, quality matters, and our Soft Cotton Female Sanitary Nursing Pad offers more than just quality. It provides you with the best experience possible and empowers you to continue doing what you do without any restrictions. Whether you are a merchant or a woman in need of a reliable sanitary pad, Soft Cotton Female Sanitary Nursing Pad is the perfect product for you. Order now and join the millions of women who have made the switch.


Size available:



Ultra thin/regular/maxi (winged/wingless)

Main Materials

non-woven, fluff pulp, SAP, airlaid paper, breathable PE film, reseal tape


60ml-250ml or even more, depend on requested

Inner packing:

PE film or Aliminium foil bag (6,8,10,12pcs or more , depend on requested)

Outer packing:

24bags/bale or 48bags/carton, depends on requested








Pcs /Pack

Packs /CTN



0.3 g

5.6 g






0.5 g

6.8 g





Over Night

0.7 g

9.5 g




Production Description:

1. Perforated soft non-woven speed the liquid

2. 4 functions of anion chips

3. Airlaid paper

4. Japan imported sumitomo SAP sheet

5. Airlaid paper

6. Breathable backsheet

7. Individul lap



1. 0.2mm ultra thin: Super soft air-through non woven top sheet.

2. No displacement: Breathable PE backsheet

3. Multiple layers: Multiple layers constructers safe whole night.

4. Absorb fast: Using patent tech core, absorb liquid fast and effectively.



1. Do you provide free samples?

Yes, we can offer you free samples, only you need to pay the freight.

2. How long is your delivery date?

It is about 15-25 days after receiving the deposit.

3. What is your MOQ?

Every specification is 300,000pcs.

4. Where is your factory?

Our factory is located in Linyi city, Shandong province, CHINA.

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